All services available to any US-based public charity, church/place of worship, chamber, or trade association




Get it right from the start! 


If you don't have the time or resources to complete the necessary paperwork to legally form your new church, nonprofit, or other tax exempt organization, including 501c3, let us do it for you!


We've completed hundreds of public benefit, religious, and mutual benefit nonprofit formations ...and we have a 100% success rate.  We'll not only have everything ready to be filed within 2 days, we'll also educate you about each step of the process.  Even if you've started the process, we'll be happy to help with all remaining steps.  




Small Price. Huge Piece of Mind.


The single biggest threat to a nonprofit's existence, including churches, is its ability or inability to remain in 100% compliance with the IRS and state agencies that regulate charities and other tax exempt organizations. 


We've helped hundreds of nonprofits maintain and restore their state and federal compliance, including revoked 501c3.  And, we would love to be your compliance partner too.  Even if your nonprofit is okay in this area, with our annual compliance maintenance service you'll have extra peace of mind and support. 





Get your nonprofit back on track! 


  • IRS 501c3 revoked?
  • State Tax authorities requesting payment for corporate income/franchise taxes?
  • IRS classification changed to private foundation, but should be public charity?
  • Status with Secretary of State is past due, delinquent, or suspended?
  • Charity registration is past due, delinquent, or suspended?
  • Haven't filed annual informational returns (IRS 990, etc.) in one or more years?
  • Don't have the time or resources to figure it all out and fix what's wrong?

Let us do it for you! Our team can identify any/all issues(s) and restore your nonprofit's status with the IRS and state regulatory agencies in record time.




Accelerate your nonprofit's growth! 


Are you ready to start, strengthen or improve your nonprofit's...

  • Grant writing efforts?
  • General administration?
  • Board of Directors or leadership team effectiveness?
  • Human Resources and workforce?
  • Organization structure and policies?
  • Bookkeeping and money management practices?
  • Partnership and collaboration relationship building?

Or, do you just need help getting your organization up and running?


Our experienced team of professionals are ready to do the work necessary to jumpstart or drastically enhance any of these essential areas within your organization.  Services can be provided remote or on-site (when available).